Vortex CNC Router Bit 3130 Used

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Vortex 3130

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Vortex Tooling Part 3130 Used in good condition

Product #: 3130
CED: 3/8
CEL: 1 1/8
SHK DIA: 3/8
OAL: 3

Vortex Series 3100 – 2 Flute, Compression, Spiral Router Bits
Compression, Spiral Router Bits “Viper” – (2 Flute) Solid Carbide – Vortex. Compression spiral means the upcut and downcut spiral flutes compress the material being cut preventing chipping or fuzzing on the top and bottom of the cut. The unique flute geometry allows the “Viper” to cut faster and longer than other compression spirals on the market today. It also allows extended sharpening life with excellent performance throughout the tools useful life.

Compression spirals are used extensively for cutting double side laminates (melamine, vinyl, high pressure laminates, painted board, etc.) These tools can also be used on natural woods where edge fuzzing is a problem with standard spiral tools. The double edge design allows for feed rates of around 900 inches per minute at 18,000 RPM when using a 1/2″ diameter tool.

Made in AmericaVortex Tool Company router bits, boring bits and CNC tooling are proudly made in the USA.


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