Vortex CNC Router Bit 1640 Used

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Vortex 1640

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Vortex Tooling Part 1640 Used in good condition

Vortex Series 1600 – 3 Flute, Upcut, Rougher, Spiral Router Bits
Upcut Rougher, Spiral Router Bits – (3 Flute) Solid Carbide – Vortex three flute roughing tools are designed for high feed rates on CNC routers and are used when surface finish is not important in dense materials such as hardwoods and plywood. These tools are very successful in CNC applications where this bit makes the first cut, followed by a second cut using a profile type tool. This tool will produce a rippled edge cut and is extremely quiet and smooth cutting, even in heavy cuts and high feed rates.

Upshear geometry pulls chips up and out of the cut for improved speed and bottom finish in dados. This type of bit also produces thru cuts that are cleaner on the bottom surface when the material is run face down.

Made in AmericaVortex Tool Company router bits, boring bits and CNC tooling are proudly made in the USA.


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